Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Letter from 10/5/2015

The council that we had again. It was amazing! We talked about becoming a missionary according to Preach my Gospel.
there are 5 things to do
1 Understand that we´re representatives of Jesus Christ.
2 be worthy
3 treasure the words of God in our minds
4 understand that the spirit is the supreme teacher
5 understand that teaching is a lot more than talking and saying.

Elder Neal
-Misión Mexico Veracruz-

Letter from 9/28/2015

Baptism of Francisco and Eduardo. Eduardo is the younger guy and Francisco is the older guy. They're both dynamite.
Elder Neal
-Misión Mexico Veracruz-

Letter from 9/21/2015

This was amazing. I´m just going to say the miracles flat out.

First. Our amazing investigator Francisco has in a job that makes it impossible for him to get baptized because he has to break a commandment. We went and taught about this commandment and he accepted to keep it and we asked him how would he keep it if his work made it imposible and he thought for a few seconds and said that he´d resign from his work. He got payed a lot and here in mexico the times are rough but he had the strength to do it and on friday he resigned from his job. He´s going to put up a food place and that´s going to be his new job and he´s going to be baptized this Saturday.

Miracle 2! Our other investigator Eduardo has had a lot of problems in his life and he was a miracle from the first day we saw him. We found him on a saturday night at 8 PM had a great lesson and he came to church all by himself and beat us there by 20 minutes. He got to church at 8:20 and we got to church at 8:40 am. Ever since the first time we found him he's accepted everything and changed his life in all ways that were bad. He is firm about serving a mission and keeping every commandment of God. He already is in 2 Nephi 20 and we´ve only known him for 2 weeks and 2 days. Because of his progress we asked him yesterday if he would accept to get baptized this saturday instead of in 2 weeks and he jumped out of his seat and clapped his hands together and was just so happy. God has done a great change in his heart and is molding him to go save others. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change whatever person that looks for it and chooses to apply it in their life.
Have a great week!

Elder Neal
-Misión Mexico Veracruz-

Letter from 9/14/2015

My zone! Tuxtepec!! WOOHOO!

My companion Elder Lopez

The hammock house....our house....:D

Letter from 9/7/2015

This week was awesome! I love being in my new area. I got cambios again. I came back to Tuxtepec in the state of Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ca) and the people here are great. One cool experience that we had was that we had gone with an investigator and we got to his house on saturday but he wasn´t there. So, we said that we´d find a new person. we started knocking on doors and looking for a new person and we got to a door and a guy (Eduardo) came out and after he said his name he asked us if we wanted to come in and we were like, "Pues, claro!" ("Well, of course!") So we started talking and we had an amazing lesson and it was awesome, and we get to the end and he tells us that he was praying that God would send him someone to help him get over the problems in his life that morning and that he really wanted to change. He recognized that God sent us and he had the faith and he went to church on sunday. He was there at church before we even got there. I know God has a plan and puts us in the paths of those he needs us to talk to. I love the Gospel and I´m excited to see how it can change the life of Eduardo!

Elder Neal
-Misión Mexico Veracruz-

My companion bought pizza for my year mark

My district in front of the temple

My new companion Elder Lopez

Picture from a conference

Letter from 8/31/2015

Doreidys got baptised. That was the miracle. She is pregnant and was having a lot of problems with her pregnancy of 5 months and she was told by the doctor not to leave her house. We told her that the decision was hers but that we wanted to annoint her an bless her. We gave her the blessing and in the blessing I felt that she should get baptized the next day and that the baby would be born at the right time at the right place and would be cared for by God. And she got baptized and everything. It was great! 

I have new pics but I don´t have my adapter to put them on right now. Next week I´ll try.

I had transfers! Elder Lopez is my new companion! and I came back to Tuxtepec! In the same chapel, different ward!! It´s awesome! I´m super excited. It´s gonna be really stressful but i´m excited. I´ve been doing good, just a bit sick with the cold. Have a great week!

Elder Neal
-Misión Mexico Veracruz-

Letter from 8/24/2015

No letter this week...:(