Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Letter from 7/27/2015

Recently there´s this like 20 year old guy that asks for money and he LOVES us missionaries. He never lets us go and calls us JOVEN. One experience. We were walking on the highway and I saw him on the other side of the street talking with some people so I started walking faster so that he couldn´t catch us if he tried to chase. About 5 minutes later I hear a person running to catch us calling us JOVEN and I just break down and almost cry because I´ve been so out of money after I bought that hammock. so I paid him for running after us and we went our way, but this guy is dedicated.

I CAN´T BELIEVE THAT NICOLE´S ALREADY GOING HOME! Wow. I´ve just about got a year and in 4 days I just have a year left.

Letter from 7/20/2015

This week was transfers! Everybody knew I was a gonner when tranfers rolled around. My district leader has 4 weeks left and we were sure that he was going to have to stay because just 4 weeks and then the house? Doesn´t seem too efficient. And I already have two transfers in my area now, Lerdo, and I´ve never stayed more time than 2 transfers in an area and also this is my first time with a companion more than a transfer. So it´s basically a first time transfer. It´s going to be an awesome 6 weeks! 

This week was a really cool week. Our mission President has put a promise with us. That if we do 10 contacts and 3 Recent converts or less actives everyday, we´ll baptize every week. This is a super hard goal. When we start doing the contacts and start doing the recent converts we start getting a bigger bowl of new people to visit and less and less time to visit the 3 recent converts and do 10 contacts. So in this week we´ve been learning a little bit about the promises of God and how nothing should block our way from getting them. If God says that we should pay a tithing of 10% and promises us the blessing and we pay 8%, like doctrine and covenants says, "Ye have no promise." God promises the biggest blessings if we only drop what we think we have to do and just do what God wants. Like Nefi said "For thus hath the Lord commanded me, and I must obey. Amen." In the days that we just dropped what we had planned and we fulfilled with God, He blessed us. Thank you all for your support, I hope you have a great week!

Elder Neal
Misión Mexico Veracruz

I'm in the same area! Same companion! New elder in the district! Named Elder Dawson! He's from Mesa. Arizona. Super funny guy!

Just to let you know. I just shared a story last night with a family about that time that we ate a casserole that you made and that I had washed my hands with soap over it and when we ate it it tasted like soap and that I never told anyone until I was about 16. Yeah, they loved that! Love you mom! BYE!

Letter from 7/13/2015

Rain, Rain GO AWAY.

I remember being in Oklahoma and being nice and safe in my house from most of the storms that we saw. There was a ton of water and lightning at a safe distance away and never was bothered by the rain, I actually danced in it. That was when I didn´t have to work in it. We´ve seen a ton of rain in this week. Actually the largest amount of rain we saw was Saturday night. Had a baptism planned for 6 o´clock and everything was good at that time, but as we started with the opening prayer. The thunder started booming. So the whole baptism had a nice lullabye of thunder outside with buckets full of water. The streets here in my tiny town weren´t made for the kind of water we were having so the streets were flooding. I was the lucky one in my companionship and had my flip-flops for the baptism so my real shoes didn´t have to get wet when we walked home. Not going to lie, having a canoe in this moment would have made it a lot faster getting home. My companion had the umbrella and the two of us couldn´t both fit under it and I sacrificed my self and returned to Oklahoma in my mind and danced like nobody could see, because I´m pretty sure that nobody could. It was a great walk back to the house. But the good thing is that everything worked out fine and made it safely home after the Baptism. 

One of the miracles that has been happening in this area is about the three ladies in the photo. The one in baptismal clothing is Maria, her daughter is Elizabeth, and her mom is Minerva. Maria was the first one that was really interested in what we had to share because God showed her a dream of us the day before we arrived at her house over 2 months ago. Elizabeth has recently confessed that all of those times that we came over with her mom she immediately went to hide. And Minerva just got baptized on Saturday. The miracle is that they have had so much faith in God and they have all made a lot of sacrifices to follow him. Elizabeth works at a walmart look-a-like and works every Sunday morning, but has an hour of food break and chooses to come to church for that. She also has considered heavily the Idea of serving a mission. This is a big change for hiding from the missionaries to wanting to be one. With all this going on they´ve agreed to save up enough money to go to the temple on the 8th of August. The miracles of God sure do show themselves. I know that God has worked in their lives to help them overcome their trials and I know that every one of you can also help someone receive this gospel. God gave Maria a dream to prepare her, and God is working for many of your close friends. I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Neal
Misión Mexico Veracruz

Letter from 7/6/2015

Baptism photos!:D And I bought a hammock. 300 pesos. like $20 dollars. It´s super good quality. I´m gonna have this until my grandkids.

Letter from 6/29/2015

Thanks! It´s super cool That Jesse´s already home! that´s crazy! Man! He´s an awesome man. I CAN´T WAIT TO SEE HIM IN COLLEGE! He´s gonna be 2 years maybe even 3 ahead of me! Haha!

We´re going! We just had another baptism! Woohoo! Her name´s Elizabeth! She´s the daughter of Maria that got baptized like 3 weeks ago. Love you mom! Thanks for all the work that you´re doing in the family and for me! I love you!

Elder Neal
Elizabeth is in the middle, Maria, her mom, who just got baptized on the left and on the right is Elizabeth´s grandma, maria´s mom, Minerva who´s gonna get baptized in 2 weeks!

Letter from 6/22/2015

I got my first Gringo companion! His name is Elder Gregory! We are here in a little town with a lot of sin. We´ve seen a lot of miracles and a lot of sadness. This week we´re super excited for one of our investigators that has had a huge attitude change. Her name is Elizabeth and she´s 21 years old and the first time that she heard us we were talking with her mom who just got baptized. In the first discussion with Elizabeth she was on her cell phone the whole time and when we asked her questions, she would say that she wasn´t listening and she was on her phone so we didn´t think that she´d progress really good, but we kept asking her questions and we even gave her a homework to do and she rejected it and said that she didn´t like the things of God and that the things of the world are a lot better for her. The next time we came she came too was listening a little bit and still not answering questions but continuing on from there little by little she started changing. She and her mom say that she used to just be mad and not do anything in the house but that she´s changed. Her baptism is this Saturday with another investigator named Isaias. We´re super excited and sad about the bad that there is. We found a gringo here and we´re helping him overcome his alcohol addiction. We´ve seen how satan has worked in his life like he said that satan just gave him a bottle opener that he didn´t know was in his house. Stuff like that, but he´s been sober for about 4 days which is a big improvement for him. I love the work and know that Jesus is the one who made it possible to change. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Neal
Misión Mexico Veracruz

Letter from 6/15/2015

I didn't get much this week:

Sorry, had to take care of some other stuff. Love you mom. 

This week was one of the hardest that I´ve had just because I worked myself so hard with a new companion and all. We saw the fruit in the Church yesterday we had 10. I love you and will give so much more information next week. You´ll be the first one I write. Love you mom!

Letter from 6/8/2015

My new companion, Elder Gregory born in Oklahoma City, lives in Virginia.