Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Friday, September 19, 2014

Letter From 9/17/14

All of our district has their visas ready. And we get our flight plans on friday. Just 12 days left at the MTC. It's crazy how fast time has past since the first Sunday.

Our district discovered this new game called "what are the odds." Basically you pick a range of numbers and if you both say the same number you have to do whatever you asked what the odds were to. We played it for one whole day and it was insane and crazy fun. The next day, we just didn't play it, I guess we were just burnt out. 

Elder Richard G. Scott came and talked to us! We finally got our apostle. It was awesome and he talked about prayer. When he walked in you could feel the difference in the room. Just looking at him you could feel the spirit so strongly. It was awesome. 

So glad to have this opportunity at the MTC. I love my teachers and my study Journal. I've only done a  few lessons worth of study so far, but it's so helpful and fantastic. 

Elder Neal

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