Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter from 10/27/14

There´s just never enough time to write! Mexico is fantastic! It´s hot, but the people here are so kind! 

Since I´m running out of time I´ll jump right to it. This week has been fantastic We had four baptisms and four confirmations. This family was ready change when they were found. Really wanting to change, they just wanted to know how. They´re awesome. Their last name is Dominguez. They got married on thursday and baptized on friday. It´s awesome. 

We found out that our ward had the most baptisms this month and this year in our zone. We´ve had 54ish baptisms now. It´s really awesome. Not all of them are active, but the ones that are really have testimonies. My companion and I have been working on keeping people active and reactivating others. We´ve had really good success. 

The food here is incredibly flavorful and good. Seafood actually tastes good here. One thing that´s really hard here is that we´ve been working in a new area with TONS of people, but we haven´t had much success. It´s called Los Lagos of Puente Moreno or Lagos. And we´ve spent almost entire days out there with almost no success. That´s really stressfull, but the people that we do find come because we work and it´s not completely about the baptism, it´s about being the warning for them. Sometimes we have to tell people that their salvation and their eternity is real and that they should put forth a little bit of effort, We raise the flags and the people get to make their own decisions. 

I love the work and I love how people change because of it. I know that our salvation is real and is attainable for every one of God´s children. This really is a marvellous work.

Guarden la fe,
Élder Neal

I got this picture from a member in the ward Elder Neal is serving in.

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