Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 2/23/2015

*I only got what he responded to me, not a group letter this week:

Thanks for your letter mom! I love it and I LOVE THE PHOTO! I LOVE IT. Thanks so much! Haha. It´s awesome that you´re cleaning the house and organizing it. It needs it and I´m sure that it looks a ton better now. I wouldn´t be too worried. I´m gonna check on it today. Thanks. Thanks so much for the package! I´ll let you know when I get it. It´s been really hot this week! The people that live here tell me that 2 days cold 2 days hot. So I don´t know what´s up. But they say that the cold´s gonna be here until April.

Something that happened this week is that really, I prayed when I had to and I did it well and at the time I thought that it was okay, but during this week I really started imagining myself in the Reino Celestial giving an accounting of what I´d done and what i´d like. I´ve never felt so close to him. It´s so humbling to put yourself on your knees with your head down asking for something from an all-powerful God. I feel like dirt. Like the nasty dirt that smells like Idaho cows. But I love it! I love what the mission does to me!

Elder Neal

Here is the picture we sent him for his birthday:

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