Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 4/6/2015

So, I don`t know if you all knew, but our old house was really algo feo, something ugly, but it sounds better in spanish. it was small with a room to study and sleep and another room for the clothes and a tiny kitchen and even smaller bathroom and it was really dirty to where you couldn`t even clean it. We got sick of it and we said that we were gonna change houses. We didn`t even use any of our time to look for a house or anything, but we went with some less active family that told us that their renters of their other house had just left and that they were looking for new tenants. The lord loves his Missionaries.:D It is a three story house that is 3 times as big as our other house. It is so much nicer and the best part is that the bathroom is comfortable. I love it and it`s only 300 pesos more than our other house. Or in other words, like $20 more.  The week was really difficult but amazing. I loved general conference! At the beginning of the week I had an infection in my eye which made it hard to see and the worst was that I had to give a talk in sacrament too. Everyone saw. They saw the huge swelled up eye that I had. Ni modo. I love this work and extend my thanks for all your support and wish you a happy easter and know that I love you all and have a testimony of the plan of God for each one of His Kids. I know that this Phase is just a short time of preparation and know that as we use our agency for good, God gives us joy, in this life or the next. It`s only separated by a thin veil and sometimes, when the spirit`s with you, this veil, being so thin, breaks. D Arthur Haycock says  He was man of “deep and abiding faith” who, when people would remark that “the veil was very thin,”would sometimes say that “there was no veil.”
God loves his children and has his plan for each of them. Have a great week everybody!

Elder Neal
Mision Mexico Veracruz

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