Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 3/30/2015

*I got this in response to my letter...a little payback for being a mom...haha!:

Haha! It's so much work to be a mom! Haha! Mom, you´re really the best example I have. I wouldn't be alive right now without your advice for the mission. Really. I think of you every day and I use what I learned from you every day in the mission. I love you and can't wait to see you again! 

Yeah, my new companion´s Elder Monroy! We´re having so much fun! He´s a great companion. We leave the mission on the same day and I´m learning a lot from him. 

The biggest thing that I've learned this week would be to live what you learn and the Faith. The live what you learn part, at the beginning of my mission i didn't see it as a big part because really, i thought that i´d just live it by keeping the rules. But this week i also studied the faith and the faith only works as we show it. We show our faith through our actions and our strength to complete our goal and to follow God. It´s all based on our intentions and force that we use. I love this and I know that God can only work with us if we work with all of our force to complete what God wants us to do! I love the work and know that God can work Miracles! I know too that General Conference is the time to listen and put our faith in the Prophets in the latter days and do what the tell us to because that´s the only way that God can bless us. I love you so much Mom! Thanks for all your sacrifice! 

Elder Neal

I hope to have my package soon! Still don't have it.

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