Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Letter from 4/20/2015

*Here's what I got in response to my email:

Thanks so much mom! I really feel your love! It´s SO HARD. I´m doing better. Really I feel fantastic and that finally things are changing. 

The package has been in the office for 4 weeks, but we don´t go to the office that often, the transfers are this week and I think I´ll get it the next Monday. 

Orizaba and Ixtaczoquitlán are so incredibly hot now! It´s hotter than Veracruz port and that never happens. 

My shoes are both holding up fantastic! My pants, more or less, there are some black ones that are about done and I bought new pants that I really really like! There like skinny pants. :)  My shirts are good. 

Yesterday, like Nicole, I was a bit worried that we weren't gonna have a lot of people. We didn't have a ton of time to work in our area and it was hard, but really we got to church and we had 2 people that had told us that they were gonna come and they both flaked out, but a miracle happened and one of our investigators came back from mexico City and felt an answer to his prayers so strong, that he thought that it was something bad so he called us and told us about it but now he wants to get baptized! Also, we had a family of a mom and 3 daughters that we taught Tuesday and it was a really good lesson. We passed on Thursday when they said we could pass and they weren't there and Friday and Saturday too. They weren't there so we were worried. On Sunday we only had one investigator in the building at 11:55, but arrived another one right before it started and also the family with the mom and the Girls! We were so happy, they came and they could only be there for 1 hour but they tried. I´m so happy that from just 45 minutes they felt the need to go to church and how it could help them. I love the Gospel and I know that their lives are gonna be changed because they went! I love you Mom! Thanks for your love!! 

Your son,

Elder Neal

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