Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 1/12/2015

This week has been really great. The first thing that I´d like to say is that mud is really bad. It's been raining almost every day here and we have a lot of little towns that we go to and they don't have streets. And they´re all ups and downs, there's no flat. Mud is slippery and it makes everything look bad, for example, my tie, my shirt and my shoes. We were helping this truck that got stuck in the mud and the tires were spinning and it splashed me. But it's all alright. The mud here is just like slush of the ice there and the cars crash a lot because of it. This week we had a baptism of a really really humble man. His name's Angel and he's just such a great investigator. He was prepared by God for us to find him. Just something that is as blessing and shows us that the spirit works in hearts is that on the day of his baptism, we went to his house to pick him up and we were 5 minutes late. When we arrived his family told us that he already left because he was scared that we weren't gonna come. He went to the church and we were about 10 minutes behind him, he was cleaning the church like all of the other members that were there. He's just so great and we know that he doesn't know everything, but he knows that he wants to be baptized and arrive to live with God. I love this Gospel and how it helps all kinds of people. I love you all.
Que pasen una buena semana!
Elder Neal

I wrote and asked how his new converts are doing and if he has any other investigators. This is what he answered:
Okay, Well, they didn't go to church because it was raining, and the youth is still struggling with some problems, but they´re really good. Yeah, we had a baptism this week too, his name´s Angel. He´s really really humble and owns a bakery of bread and sweet bread and provides for all of his family, like his mom, and his brothers and their kids. He doesn't have a wife or kids. He´s really really great! He´s the one in the white and his cousin´s the 2 counselor to the bishop that´s baptizing him. We played softball today! The first activity like that in almost 5 months! It was really fun.

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