Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 12/1/2014

So my week is going to be crazy. My companion leaves tomorrow in the morning to go be a zone leader in another place. He´s my trainer and my training isn´t supposed to end for another 3 weeks. But, tomorrow, I get a new companion and I have to help him get used to this place and learn about our investigators and what will help them and stuff. It´s gonna be really hard. My companion tells me that this elder is good and he knows how to work. It´s gonna be good.

Something that happened yesterday is that we got a call from the sister missionaries in our district and they told us basically how fast can you get to this house and so we went and the Sister that we were helping was cleaning her REALLY dirty house and they found rats. Lots and lots of rats. So they called us and we went there and they had already killed like 7 and there wer a lot under their fridges, so my companion and I made a ring so the rats couldn´t get out and we started moving the fridges and they came running out and we just started wacking as many as we could with the brooms that we had. It was fun and not fun. I killed like 5 and my companion too. The sisters were just screaming and hitting the walls and stuff with their brooms. Yeah. That was our Sunday night service activity.
Love you! 

Elder Neal

The sky!

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