Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 12/29/2014

Welp, this week was really great! We saw a lot of miracles and also the work of laziness and how bad it is! Haha. But seriously. We had an investigator that was gonna get baptized this next week, but she told us that she couldn´t make it because she was going to leave to visit one of her daughters. Well, we call our investigators every night to make sure they´re good and we called her and we were talking about how sad we are that she´s going on vacation, but that we hope that it´s really good, and she told us that she wasn´t gonna go. Now that she´s staying she can get baptized next Saturday! We're really excited for her. Another miracle is that we have an investigator that is really really great and is really excited to be cleaned of his sins, and he lives kind of far away and we told him that we were gonna go to his house at 8:30 in the morning Sunday to get to the chapel, and he told us not to worry about it and that he would go solo. When investigators tell us that... it usually means that they're gonna flake. And he owns a bakery and starts work at 6 in the morning and works until about 5 or 6 in the afternoon. He has reasons not to go to church, but he went! All alone, he went and that was really cool to see. Another miracle with the lazy. So, we told about 6 people that we would pass by their house to wake them up and go with them to the chapel, and so we went on splits and my companion went with a youth and I went with another and we passed for these people and were expecting 11 investigators in the chapel. Well, like a lot of times, the some of the people that said they'd go flaked but we had 8 in the chapel. When I asked my companion what happened to 2 of the investigators that were gonna get baptized this Saturday, he told me that they didn't want to wake up. And the worst part is that it´s a family of 4 and 2 of them were ready and woke them up but they just said that they didn't want wake up. We were really frustrated, but we saw the miracles that we had and we're really happy. It was amazing to talk to my family this Christmas and I hope that all of yours were just as special and joyful! Have a happy new year!

Elder Neal

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