Elder Neal in Veracruz

Elder Neal in Veracruz

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letter from 12/22/2014

It is really hard to write a weekly letter. Haha, but seriously. This week has been fantastic. Well, these past weeks have been fantastic. I got transferred to an area in a different state named Oaxaca, pronounced like wahaca, and it´s really really beautiful here! My new companion is Elder Rodriguez! We were already companions for two weeks because his companion was sick and was in the hospital for a bit and so we were in a trio! It´s really awesome. It´s much much more green here in Tuxtepec than in Veracruz and it´s a lot more of little towns. Our area is HUGE. We have a bunch of little towns that we have to go to and it´s mostly walking. I picked an orange off of a ate it. It was more sour than a lemon, but I just had to eat it. It was the most satisfying, worst tasting orange. we´ve been working really hard and learning a lot this week. Something that I learned is that Preach my Gospel is the way that God directs his work, and for missionaries, it has absolutely all we need. It´s the way that God has set up so that DandC 4 is effective and works. Thanks for all your emails, and sorry if I don´t email every week! Something funny to end with is that when I arrived in Tuxtepec, we arrived at this huge mansion with a gate and it was awesome and I was super excited because we had the keys to it. So we entered and were walking and we arrived at this shed. This shed is like right next to the chickens that they have and the roof is made out of palm leaves. I was a little bummed out not to live in a mansion. 

Love you all!
Elder Neal

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